Sheri Oz

Punctuating History And Narratives In The Middle East

Ancient map of Israel - history

Here is a way of looking at the history of the so-called Israeli occupation of so-called Palestinian land: History is narratives. Narratives are stories. Stories have beginnings, middles and endings. Human history has no end in sight so nobody knows how this story of our sojourn on Earth is going …

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Obama’s Choice: Mommy Or Daddy? Dream Or Reality?

Barack Obama

Obama had two terms to prove his mettle. I do not think he meant to do this, but somehow he managed to turn his dealings with the Middle East into what seems like a personal vendetta against Netanyahu. Yes, I know he says he has Israel’s best interests at heart. …

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Azaria Verdict: A Letter To Armchair Quarterbacks/Backseat Drivers

Will we let the Elor Azaria verdict tear apart our social fabric? We are struggling to define ourselves as a modern nation built on the ashes of our ancient homeland and how we come out from this latest challenge will play a part in that, for better or for worse. …

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Elor Azaria: Victim Or Hero? Four Questions.

While emotions are still running high, people are rushing to condemn the Military Court or to condemn those condemning the Military Court.  I am not prepared to do either.  I am still asking myself questions.  Here are some of them.  1… Elor Azaria killed only one of the two terrorists …

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Dear John (Kerry): Here’s What You Should Do Next

John Kerry

I understand you will be looking for a new job soon, John. Do you know if Tricky Dicky ever did get that position as a used car salesman? In any case, that is not what I was thinking of for you. I know you studied law and even worked for …

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Israel: Indigenous Upstart Nation Scares World Leaders

Jews are Indigenous to Israel, including Judea and Samaria

I finally figured it out – I now know why the world wants to dictate the agreement they think we should reach with the Arabs, sorry – the “Palestinians”. It isn’t that the world really thinks that the “West Bank” (i.e., Judea and Samaria) is occupied territory. And it isn’t …

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UNSC Resolution 2334: Why I Am Glad The US Abstained

Tzipi Livni

The US has served as a fig leaf for the UN Security Council (UNSC) for far too long. When the US would veto resolutions, the names of all those countries who voted in favour of the resolution would fade into the dungeons of unnecessary details that need not be filed …

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The Real Importance of Fahed Al-Masri’s Plea To Israel

Syria's Roadmap to peace

Fahed Al-Masri, an important Syrian opposition leader, released a video in which he promises that a new Syria will be a force for peace and stability in the Middle East and for Israel. He implores Israel to take sides in the Syrian civil war. Part of that video was shown …

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After Haifa’s Fires Put Out The Real Story Begins

Haifa’s fire story, like Israel’s story, is one of renewal and rebuilding. The fire totally destroyed over 500 homes, leaving over 1500 residents with no place to return as the city got the all clear. But that is only where this story begins. The blackened patches of earth will not …

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Pyro-Terrorism In Israel: 7 Points To Ponder


We will probably never know the whole story behind the 200+ fires that set Israel ablaze over the past 3-4 days. But pyro-terrorism should not surprise us. We were forewarned. Long ago. Fire as a Weapon of War Fire has been used in warfare throughout human history. Villages have been …

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How Many Jews Can One Try To Kill Without Anyone Caring?

terror attacks

Do you know how many cases of attempted murder there were on Jews in the past 4 months? That is what unsuccessful terror attacks are, you know: attempted murder. When someone throws a stone with intent to kill, when someone holds a knife with intent to kill, these are cases …

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Pro-Palestinian Versus No-Palestinian: There Is Another Way. I Dare You

Palestinian Arabs

Here is a unique proposal – become the newest indigenous people in the world. In other words, Palestinian Arabs, you can write your own future. I dare you to. Or, you can continue to bask in the attention afforded you as you persist in the victimhood imposed upon you years …

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Jewish Leftists: Where Jewish Ethics Cease And Suicide Begins

Jewish ethics

Jewish ethics impels us to help the needy and stand up for the oppressed. It is not supposed to set us up for disaster. * * * * * Jewish ethics and morality is something we can be proud of. We are instructed to pay attention to the needs of …

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Should I Be A BDS Activist? Take This Quiz To Find Out

BDS activist quiz

Is BDS — Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel — the social activism for you? Check it out. It’s easier than you think. * * * * * BDS is believed by many to be the best way to fight against what they believe is Israeli occupation of Palestinian land …

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Leftist Jews — Part I: Jewish Uncle Toms.

Credit for inspiration for this two-part piece goes to both Diane Weber Bederman and to Sarah Tuttle-Singer.  Diane wrote that J Street Jews (and I suppose others like them) can most accurately be understood as Jewish Uncle Toms.  Sarah wrote about privilege.  In Part I, I will expand upon Weber …

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Mothers of Terrorists– Mothers We Love to Hate

mothers of terrorists

Mothers of terrorists shock us, if we are still able to be shocked.  A translation of the words of the mother of the terrorist who stabbed Hallel Yaffa Ariel on June 30th has been making the rounds on the social media and regular news outlets.  She comes out in support of …

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Anything to say now, Hanin Zoabi or Ayman Odeh?

Hanin Zoabi – Are you going to cry out your rage and horror at the killing of a 13-year-old girl barely past puberty? Ayman Odeh – Are you going to rail against the terrorist and those who sent him, directly or indirectly; sent him to break into her house and …

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Ron Huldai Does Not Understand ‘Occupation’

Ron Huldai - occupation

Tel Aviv’s Mayor Ron Huldai made disparaging remarks concerning Israel’s part in causing the Arabs to kill us. Ilana Dayan interviewed Huldai after the terror attack at a Sarona restaurant that took the lives of 4 and injured over 10 others and Huldai used the air time to cause serious …

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Fida’i – When A Nation Is ‘Revenge’

Fida'i - the Palestinian anthem

The Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians have a national anthem. Actually, their current anthem is supposedly their second. The lyrics of the first were written in 1934 by Ibrahim Tuqan and expressed opposition to the British presence in the Ottoman Empire. Named “Mawtini”, meaning “Homeland”, it talks about gaining …

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Yalla – Zehava Galon for Prime Minister of Israel

Zehava Galon

Think of this as a thought experiment: It is easy to look back and say that decisions taken right after the 6-Day War were ill-guided and started us down a slippery slope to disaster regardless of whether you are a hawk or a dove.  It is easy to look back …

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