Paul Emeka

Richard Spencer: White nationalist.

On Saturday, 12th August in Charlottesville Virginia, a group of people descended on the city to demonstrate and stop the city’s officials from removing the monument of Robert E. Lee, a confederate soldier.  Spotted within their ranks were KKK members, white nationalists or whatever that means, neo Nazis, antisemites. etc.  …

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A Response to “The Self Defeating Argument of Zionists”

The article to which I reply is titled, “The Self Defeating Argument of Zionists” Supposedly a pro Israel article , it was published on the blog page of Times of Israel on 11/08/2017 and written by Fred Maroun. The article talked of the current argument between Zionists and non Zionists …

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‘Palestinianism’ and its relationship with colonialism and imperialism.

Friends, Meerim I want to share with us a bit of hakafa on the movement called Palestinianism and its relationship with colonialism and imperialism.  Often times, when the haters talk of Zionism, they, accuse it of been colonialistic but the opposite is the case on Zionism, and Palestinianism is the …

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