The Snowflakes of San Francisco State.

crystal snowflakeSan Francisco State University is among the most racist and antisemitic universities in the United States, which is why it is partnering with An-Najah University in Nablus, which is among the most racist universities in the world. This is only fitting. Birds of a feather, and so forth.

San Francisco State University racism takes the forms of progressive-left racism, more generally. That is, the delicate snowflakes at SFSU practice humanitarian racism toward people “of color” while promoting a highly aggressive and vicious form of antisemitic anti-Zionism toward Jews.

Humanitarian racism, of course, is the type of racism that views ethnic minorities (with the sole exception of Jews) as little children who have no agency and, thus, can never be held responsible for their behavior. The quintessential form of humanitarian racism is directed at the Arabs of Israel who are considered the World Champions of Victimhood. Israeli Jews are considered so horrible that no matter what the Arabs do to them, they are worthy of it. For the humanitarian racist, Arabs have every right to kill Jews as a matter of righteous resistance to The Occupation… with the Big O.

For the precious snowflakes at SFSU the mere presence of Jewish people on traditionally Jewish land is an outrage to the native, indigenous “Palestinians” who are said to have lived on that land since long before the creation of the Earth, itself. As we all know, of course, Adam and Eve were the original Arab-Muslims. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all Arab-Muslims. Moses was an Arab-Muslim. And Jesus was the first “Palestinian” shaheed.

Or, so Palestinian-Arab spokesmen have told us.

Antisemitism at SFSU, on the other hand, takes the form of a truly virulent and toxic form of anti-Zionism that transfers classic antisemitic themes, such as the blood libel, from Jews, as individuals, to the collective Jew, the State of Israel. So, instead of claiming that individual Jews enjoy killing Christian babies for the purpose of baking their blood into matzoh, the snowflakes tell one another that the collective Jew enjoys killing Arab children for no reason whatsoever. The Israelis are just brutes. Fascists. A subhuman species of semi-human beings that deserves whatever punishment the Arab world wishes to dish out. If Arabs wish to train their children to Jew Hatred and then send them out into the streets of Israel with hand-axes for the purpose of murdering random Jews, who can blame them?

The snowflakes sit in their “safe spaces” and tell one another that Israel is a racist, colonialist, imperialist, militaristic, apartheid, genocidal, racist state and then march forth to yell and scream and moan and cry and wave around their little “Palestinian” flags – which is really just the flag of Jordan with the star removed – when the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, drops by for an open discussion at the invitation of SFSU Hillel.

According to Jordan Vale, writing in the Golden Gate Xpress:

“The Middle East, Israel in particular, have always been hot topics for this campus,” Assistant Director to San Francisco Hillel Rachel Nilson said before introducing Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat for an open dialogue with SF State students and community members. Her statement turned out to be prophetic when, minutes after Barkat started his opening speech, members of the General Union of Palestine Students stormed Seven Hills Conference Center demanding Barkat’s expulsion from the campus.

“We don’t want you on our campus!” they shouted. “Get the hell off our campus!”

GUPS was joined by members of the Black Student Union, the League of Filipino Students, and Defend and Advance Ethnic Studies. The crowd of about 40 students quickly took up chants, clapping, waving Palestinian flags and thrusting their fists in the air.

“Free, free, free Palestine!” one of the lead protesters chanted, which the crowd behind her echoed.

Snowflakes like their “safe spaces” where they can peacefully gaze at one another’s navels even as they spread hatred toward out-groups like the Jews of Israel or, say, white Evangelicals, and whoever else they have deemed worthy of violent hatred. None of this, of course, is the least bit negotiable. They are not interested in dialogue or the free expression of ideas, for if they were, they would not have used bully-boy tactics to prevent the mayor of Jerusalem from being heard.

This is why Roger Kimball entitled his piece for the Wall Street Journal last November, The Rise of the College Crybullies.

By all accounts, Barkat endured the yelling and screaming and whining and moaning for about an hour before he excused himself and left campus. The question that many people are currently asking themselves is why the university did not dispatch the campus police to remove the protesters so that the people who came to listen and speak with Barkat could do so in a civilized manner. There was just one cop on hand who, according to reports, did nothing. Barkat had a body guard to protect himself, but the body guard certainly had no authority to try to roust students. All he could do was prevent the crybully-snowflakes from attacking the mayor.

Needless to say, it must be acknowledged that the great majority of students on that campus, like the great majority of students throughout the country, are not running around spitting hatred at anyone. Most SFSU students, like most people, in general, simply want to be left alone in order to pursue their particular interests.

However, one must ask oneself just why it is that SFSU funds a student organization like GUPS that calls for the murder of Jewish people?

Every time the antisemitic anti-Zionist snowflakes gather at Malcolm X Plaza shouting “Intifada! Intifada! Long live the intifada” they are calling, quite specifically, for the murder of Jewish people and the university gives them money to organize such activities.

When it comes to supporting hatred few campuses in the United States do a finer job than San Francisco State University.

Published at the Elder of Ziyon. and Israel Thrives

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  1. In a few short months it will be the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street.

    It is a horrible truth that we will have to fight the fascists again and not just in Britain .

    • Just before my father’s era Geoff, though he was very active fighting them in the 40s and 50s.. so much so there were very active death threats against him and we had police protection.