Egypt discovers the “Mother of all Tunnels”

A military spokesman in Egypt announced that  Egyptian border guards have discovered a tunnel, 2.8 kilometres long and three meters deep.

2,500 metre long tunnel discovered in Egypt’s North Sinai. credit: Daily News Egypt

Military Spokesman Mohamed Samir said  in a statement on his official Facebook page the tunnel was used by “terrorists” and “criminals” in the smuggling of individuals, goods, and “arms and ammunition”.

The Egyptian government last year launched a huge  crackdown by the armed forces on smuggling tunnels leading in and out of Sinai.

On 24 October a terror attack left at least 30 security personnel dead.  Another large scale attack took place on 29 January, which left also at least 30 dead. “State of Sinai” claimed the attack and announced that “hundreds” were killed.

Following both attacks, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi referred to the involvement of “foreign elements”.

Israel’s NRG News reported that after the October attack,  Cairo declared a state of emergency in the area,  closed down the Rafah crossing from Gaza and cancelled indirect cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas. Egypt now says it will build a wall to block smuggling with the coastal enclave.

Where is is outcry from Leftist and Israel haters world wide?

On the 9th November 2014 –  I wrote an article  Oh the Hypocrisy. Egypt Expels Gazans While the World is Silent

The Egyptian government is set to implement a 5km-long buffer zone as one of the security measures taken in the peninsula which also requires the relocation of residents living along the Rafah border.

The first phase of the buffer zone, which covers 500 metres, will ensure the destruction of all the tunnels. The armed forces have initiated the evacuation process of the second phase, which covers an additional 500 metres.

The buffer zone was initially planned to be 1km, however following the discovery of a 1,700 metre long tunnel in late December, North Sinai Governor Abdel Fattah Harhour announced the extension of the buffer zone to 5km.

The Egyptian government is disbursing compensation for relocated residents on their homes and lands. However, people who had infiltrating tunnels inside their houses will not be compensated for their houses or lands, Harhour told Daily News Egypt.

On April 1st. the Egyptian Cabinet approved a draft legislation  proposed by the president punishing people who dig or use border tunnels for communication with foreign countries by life in prison.

2.8 kilometre-long tunnel discovered by the Egyptian border guards. Image provided by the Egyptian armed forces.

The draft law amends article 82 in the penal code, adding that the life-in-prison penalty would punish whoever “digs, prepares or uses a road, a passage or an underground tunnel at border areas to communicate with a foreign body, a state or one of its subjects” or to help persons, goods, equipment or machines in and out of the country, according to a statement by the cabinet.

The same penalty applies to those who are aware of the use (or planned use) of underground tunnels for the aforementioned purposes without informing the concerned authorities, the legislation adds.

The legislation also allows the government to seize any buildings beneath which tunnels are dug or tools used to dig them.

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The spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Mohamed Samir Abdel Aziz Ghonim (العميد محمد سمير عبد العزيز غنيم) posted photos on his Facebook page.

FB translation of what he wrote:

Border guards be able to find out long tunnel (2800) on the tape the limit…was able to border guards in cooperation with elements of the military engineers of the discovery hole with one of the tunnels in the courtyard three houses under one of the tanks almyah in the north taggant international fusehead (100) and west of international borders fusehead (2800 )…
the length of the tunnel about (2.8) how much and dimensions (1 x1. 5) and (3) under the surface of the earth, and used by terrorist elements and criminal in the smuggling of individuals and goods and weapons and ammunition.

On the lighter side of ‘tunnels’ it was reported on January 5th.

Man discovers passage to Egypt’s Great Pyramid — under his house

Credit: Marco Di Lauro/Stringer/Getty Images
Sometimes, breaking the law has its perks.

An Egyptian citizen, identified as “Nagy” by Arabic news site, was illegally digging in his backyard when he found a tunnel leading to the Pyramid of Khufu. The pyramid, nicknamed the Great Pyramid, is the oldest and largest of the three Giza Pyramids.

Nagy, a resident of the El Haraneya village, near the Giza Plateau, dug 33 feet beneath his house before he found the corridor, made from stone blocks. Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities sent archaeologists to the scene, and a committee confirmed the passage to be the pyramid’s legendary causeway.

It seems that Archaeologists have searched for decades for the passage to the pyramid. The causeway is mentioned in the Histories by the Greek Herodotus, who claims to have visited it in the fifth century B.C.E. Herodotus wrote that the passage was enclosed and covered in reliefs, but before Nagy’s excavation, only small remnants of the causeway had been found.

The Minister of Police for Tourism and Antiquities was alerted to the discovery and security forces immediately placed a cordon around the property.  The Ministry of Antiquities was notified of the incredible finding, and archaeologist Kamal Wahid was placed in charge of a committee to investigate. In its report, the committee confirms the finding of the corridor leading to the Great Pyramid, the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza.

The Khufu pyramid complex is known to have connected to an undiscovered temple near the Nile River. Thanks to the new discovery, archaeologists believe the temple may be buried beneath the village of Nazlet el-Samman.

Artist’s reconstruction of the pyramids of Giza, showing the long causeways attached to each complex. (Saint Anselm College)

An even lighter side to this is an item Arabs Down Under I wrote over a year ago, where you can order ‘takeway’ from McDonald’s via a tunnel from El Arish in Egypt and many more items, including a wife!


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