2000 year old Jobar synagogue plundered by Al-Qaeda rebels, blamed on “Zionist Commandos”

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The Zionist intelligence agency has succeeded in robbing various precious items from the synagogue located in Jobar neighborhood, north-east of the Syrian capital, Syria Truth website reported.

The Zionist agents were assisted by the Jordanian Kingdom, Turkish militias, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” and al-Nosra front of al-Qaeda which controls the area, the website stated.

The site obtained this information from its correspondent Lea Abarmovitch citing sources close to the Syrian Rabbi Ibrahim Hamra who lives in the Occupied Territories of Palestine since 1994.

The sources confirmed to Syria Truth that the decision to steal the contents of the Syrian Jewish temple was made three weeks ago, due to being a victim of several shells that have ravaged its outer wall.

Moreover, the sources assured that a Zionist commandos unit composed of 15 members landed in Damascus earlier this week and removed rare items from the temple known as “Eliyahoo.” The operation was carried out with the help of Islam Brigades militia, noting that the Zionist commandos were divided into 5 teams in order to get out of Syria through five different directions.

A Syrian Jewish source also revealed that Zionist members of the commando were of Arab origins: Iraqi, Moroccan and Lebanese, and were dressed in Islamist jihadists’ uniforms.

This beautiful ancient synagogue first came to my attention some months ago in March, before this site came into being,  when it was reported on the website of Islamic Invitation Turkey to have been looted by “Zionist Commandos”

The government said the rebels burned the synagogue and that so-called Zionist agents stole its historic religious items in an operation that had been planned for several weeks, the Arabic Al-Manar Television reported, citing the Arabic Syria Truth website.


The interior of the Jobar Synagogue before its destruction.

How the truth is told and twisted by Islamic countries is quite astounding and yet the world seems to fall for the lies repeatedly. In actual fact it had been shelled and attacked by rebels.

The Jobar Synagogue is/was a 2,000-year-old synagogue which is/was located in the suburb of Jobar, Damascus. One of the world’s oldest synagogues, on March 31, 2013 it was reported to have been burned to the ground during the Syrian civil war, with both government and rebel forces trading blame over which party looted and destroyed the build. It fact it still stands but partially in ruins.

“It was built in commemoration of the biblical prophet Elijah  and has been a place of Jewish pilgrimage for many centuries.

Traditionally the synagogue is said to have been built on top of a cave where the prophet Elijahconcealed himself during persecution. The synagogue is said to have been built by Elisha and repaired during the first century byEleazar ben Arach. Another tradition states that the biblical anointing by Elisha of King Hazael of Syria took place there.

One of the earliest sources mentioning the existence of the synagogue is from the Talmud, which states that Rabbi Rafram bar Pappa prayed in the synagogue of Jobar” Wikipedia

According to Israel Video Network, run by 12Tribe Films

Torah scrolls and other Judaica plundered from an ancient Damascus synagogue are being held by an Islamist group inside Syria, which is demanding the release of prisoners captured by the Assad regime in return for the items.

Reports on the destruction and looting of the millennia-old Jobar synagogue in Damascus emerged as early as March, but those responsible for the theft have never been clearly identified, as government and opposition forces traded accusations.”

It goes on to say

“A source involved in negotiating for the release of the Judaica and their extraction from Syria, said the objects were being held inside Syria by a group affiliated with the Al-Nusra Front, an Islamist organization associated with al-Qaeda and defined as a terrorist organization by the US. He said the stolen items include at least three or four Torah scrolls as well as ancient Jewish scrolls and silverware.

 “They took everything they could get their hands on,” the source said. “They want prisoners held by Assad [in exchange for them].”

Now only a handful of Jews remain in Syria as a remnant of the ancient and culturally very rich community which numbered 4,000 as late as 1992.

An inscription in English at the synagogue reads,

“Shrine and synagogue of prophet Eliahou Hanabi since 720 B.C.,”

although the actual date of founding is disputed.

One of the earliest mentions of the synagogue is in the Talmud, which states that Rabbi Rafram bar Pappa prayed there. Another inscription, in Arabic, said it was the tomb of Al-Khidhr, held in some Islamic traditions to be a prophet who travelled with Moses.

There is an update on this at the Times of Israel. 24th December

Syria’s ‘destroyed’ ancient synagogue is still intact


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  1. Yehuda Chatsky

  2. Jews had a rich history and culture in all Arab countries and in Iran. Sadly this heritage has virtually disappeared, together with the remaining Jews, who have mostly been integrated into Israeli society.

    Yet the world ignores this ethnic cleansing, preferring instead to blame the only Jewish State for all that is wrong in the Middle East.

  3. For too long the trauma of Eastern Jewry persecuted, robbed and expelled from the Arab lands was ignored and perhaps overshadowed by the holocaust of European Jewery. It’s time for that story to be told and become part of the mainstream. I for one never even knew that there were thriving Jewish communities in many of the Arab countries prior to 1900 , what the life was like or how they lived.

  4. Possibly in Australia you weren’t aware of the Sephardi and Misrachi Jews, we were in England.

    Though in England there wasn’t much talk of Holocaust survivors and when I came here in 1965, it took me by surprise.